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What most Personal Trainers do are use weight and cardio workouts from other PTs they see on IG, Facebook, or in the gym, basically their competition, and call it a unique program.  

➡️ I know you're not like most PTs.⬅️

🙏 Imagine you've found a way to make every session different. A mix of your current workout program & Fitness Kickboxing. It's unique, different, fun and a hell of a different workout....

✅ Clients who wanted 1-2 sessions a week are now asking for 3-4 sessions, and because they're working with you more consistently, they're seeing better results and...

➡️ Most people would read this and say let me see what's on YouTube, what bits and pieces can I learn online... 


✅ Fast track that journey, and choose from the dates below how soon you want to start truly being unique. 💯
  •  An in-depth, hands-on, day long class with our Fitness Kickboxing Head Coach
  •  Designed to give beginner and veteran personal trainers guidance
  •  Immediate feedback to help perform & teach all moves correctly
  •  Hands-on practice of how to hold pads for clients (the most mobile way to utilize Kickboxing)
  •  Guidance on creating challenging combinations, programming, and progressions for your clients
  •  Walk away with the confidence to run sessions for clients in 1-on-1's or large groups
We only have 10 spots available for each class, 
so be sure to sign up ASAP.
🚨Spend a day with our Head Coach and learn how you can effectively implement Fitness Kickboxing into your client programs right away.🚨
Our classes are held at our Markham, Ontario Location:
50 Torbay Road, 
Markham, Ontario, L3R 1G6
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